Unleashing a suite of enterprise products driven by Blockchain

Engineering Trust at Scale





Unleashing a SaaS for Decentralization


Unleashing a SaaS for Decentralization


Identity Management

Cryptographic digital credentials that empower your users to share their information whenever and wherever they need to.

Immutable Audit Trail

Business Intelligence

Load data into your DLT solution and also obtain real-time analytics from your Blockchain network

Blockchain Wallet

A DLT based secure wallet encrypted with SHA256 to manage storage of documents.

A Decentralized Ledger Solution to store Audit Trail data on an immutable ledger

Digital Asset Transfer

Initialize Digital Assets on the system with access permissions defined. Perform atomic exchanges through a secure DID based channel.

Blockchain Solutions

P2P Energy Trading

Bringing Efficiencies to OTC trade and incentivizing the residents, prosumers and consumers to minimize consumption and maximize returns 

Aadhaar Data Vault

An initiative to secure confidential information such as Aadhaar data using a secure data vault built using state of the art crypto alogorithms over Blockchain

Healthcare Identification

Using SineID to generate unique ID for the patients to manage healthcare records and further authorize access to the respective members in the system

Educational Records Management

A DID based wallet to store all the required educational documents and provide access only when requested. Further, capturing audit trail for all transactions. 

Top Blockchain Development Company

We believe in all the fundamental pillars that makes the technology of Blockchain work. In every project or a solution, every troonian works towards ensuring there are utmost transparency and trust in the engagement, thereby minimizing counterparty risk in the process. The fundamentals have helped us define the development process of a product designed to disrupt today.  

Fitment Analysis

Consensus Modelling

MVP Design

API Design

Production Level Deployment

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