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TroonDx's ADV (Aadhaar Data Vault) is a decentralized solution for the recent circular by UIDAI No. K-11020/205/2017. The solution offers state of the art crypto techniques to protect and enable highly secure storage and authorization for your application's users. TroonDx Aadhaar Vault Solution using Blockchain exposes REST APIs to securely store the Aadhaar number and its connected Aadhaar data into an Aadhaar Data Vault using a Tokenization method as governed by UIDAI.

Aadhaar Data Vault's Process Flow

The system requires an identity to be registered using TroonDx's Identity Manager. On successful registration, the identity manager provides an authentication certificate and private key to the user with all the permissions of the user defined in the system

The private key of the user along with the network certificates gets stored on a HSM server with PKCS11 standards. The keys stored in the secure HSM vault (along with the public key of the application) is used to encrypt/decrypt the Aadhaar information stored in the data vault. The X.509 certificates further store the information about the user's role and his/her permissions to access the system.

The request is provided using a reference key. The reference key is used on behalf of an Aadhaar ID to reduce its footprint. The Request is further validated for authorisation access and post successful validation - 

  • A Session token is created for a certain period of time

  • The data is decrypted and retrieved from the Data vault

  • Both authorised and unauthorised request is stored on an audit trail

Key features & benefits of TroonDx's ADV

Secure REST APIs

Contains secure APIs written as chain codes with clear session expiry defined using JWT

HSM Integration

TroonDx provides and supports SoftHSM and Hardware based HSM modules 

Unique Reference Keys

Unique reference keys created using Hyperledger Fabric

Audit Trail

A complete Immutable blockchain based transaction record for audit trail

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