Data is an asset to every organization but Quality, Consistency & Distribution remain an issue. With D-Duper, Get 100% DeDuplicated Data in Real-time!

An Intelligent ML-Powered Deduping Engine built to combat incoming duplicate errors in your Master Database
One Tool, Multiple Benefits
  • Get a 360’ view of Master Data

  • Find duplicates within different departments or businesses

  • Clean up your list of names, addresses, emails & more

  • Cross-reference government records

  • Update Master Record in real-time

  • Reduces the amount of capacity required for storage & backups with unique data

How D-Duper works

 1. Upload/Choose your data

 2. Train the data to learn similarity rules

 3. Verify & Download the data

Read this whitepaper

"Understanding Data Deduplication & Why it is critical for a Business?”

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