Data is an asset to every organization but Quality, Consistency & Distribution remain an issue. With D-Duper, Get 100% DeDuplicated Data in Real-time!

An Intelligent ML-Powered Deduping Engine built to combat incoming duplicate errors in your Master Database
One Tool, Multiple Benefits
  • Get a 360’ view of Master Data

  • Find duplicates within different departments or businesses

  • Clean up your list of names, addresses, emails & more

  • Cross-reference government records

  • Update Master Record in real-time

  • Reduces the amount of capacity required for storage & backups with unique data

How the Industry uses D-Duper
Name Matching

Comparing & Identifying the right name using parameters such as Phonetic similarity, Typos, Misspelling, Missing name, Truncated name, initials, missing spaces, Name Swap, Out of order components, etc., With D-Duper, Transform your unorganized data into clean & consistent master data at 99.9% accuracy rate.

Record Merging

Club multiple files and Identify the master record from a group of duplicates. This helps businesses keep valuable data for segmentation and targeting purposes, and eliminating duplicate data for efficiency and anti-spamming purposes.

Incremental Deduplicating

Real-time validation of incoming data against the master database as it comes in and gets appended if found unique. Incremental backups remedy the problem of taking full backup by only sending the files that have actually changed thus reducing the amount of storage needed for the backup process.

How D-Duper works

 1. Upload/Choose your data

 2. Train the data to learn similarity rules

 3. Verify & Download the data

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"Understanding Data Deduplication & Why it is critical for a Business?”

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