Giving Meaning & Purpose to Raw Data

What is Data Visualization?

Data Visualization is the process of taking raw data and transforming it into graphs, charts, images, and even videos to explain the numbers and gain insights.

Imagine how this works

Spot Trends for Finance Professionals to understand the performance of their investment choices and make better decisions to invite wisely.



Make visualizations to understand the spread of a particular disease county-wise to initiate health reforms in highly infected regions.

Shipping and Cargo companies use Data Visualization Tool to get a clear picture of the routes traveled and conclude the best route for the next travel.


Visualize the past, present & future

We apply Machine Learning on obscure Big Data to bring the value of information to light and help you make better decisions.


Improved Insight

Evidence-based Decision Making

Visually Appealing Formats

Identify relationships and patterns

Preparing your organization for data visualization technology


Understand the data what you’re trying to visualize, including its size and cardinality


Know your audience and understand how to present the visual information.


Determine what kind of information you want to visualize and communicate.


Use a visual that conveys the information in the best form for your audience.

Our Capabilities

Query all the data sources you need

SQL, NoSQL, Big data and API data sources

TroonDx helps University of Maharastra to build a dashboard for multiple visualizations to be seen within a single view to portray the statistics to the Government visually.

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