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BLOCKCHAIN for Universities & Colleges

When we talk about Education! The very first hint we think about is Privacy and Security of documents! Isn’t it?

It’s been found and proved that nowadays there are different sources that can fake or duplicate a document or a Certificate from an invalid Original but hard to find the difference between them. There could be hardly a few to disagree with me on this?

When it comes to Certification or Documentation in a university or a School it is highly confidential and a lot of risks involved. Instead of carrying Files about or keeping papers in a safe! Wouldn’t it be better to have it all at your fingertips by issuing Digital Academic Certificates on Blockchain with only trusted Credentials to have access being the Sole Owner?

For Instance! Let’s say I’ve Completed my Graduation from a University called XXX and if there is some kind of an error found in my certificate and a change has to be made. An automated alert goes out to the Trusted Employer once edited that states the request in change!

Is it being approved or not? Is it an authorized change requested for or not?

Now that is just a bit of what effect Blockchain can do to the Educational Field. There’s so much more to it.

A few highlights that a Student would be able to take advantage of are, your certificates will stay safe with you forever and is easily accessible with a touch of a button from the authorized personnel. Blockchain is very secure that once Data is being entered and saved it is close to impossible for it to be amended or altered since the records are highly secure and decentralized.

The expenses cashed out for Data Management in an institution are quite expensive and it could be a risk too! But with the help of a Decentralized Blockchain, it saves a lot on the data management and legal liabilities that come along with it. Blockchain provides an open and secure system for the management of Student records be It Educational certification, Awards and achievements or Talent management and much more. It makes it easier for one to give a complete history of records saved on a student’s lifespan with the institution. A student’s transcript for verification or a Students performance can be tracked down and much more attention can be shown on different verticals

Leaving this Short and Precise: A DID based wallet is applied to store all the required educational documents and provide access only when requested. Further, capturing an audit trail for all transactions made would be one of the primary benefits a firm could benefit from.

So “YES” BLOCKCHAIN in the Educational Industry would make a huge impact in terms of Privacy, Security, and Threats.



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