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Why set up a Center of Excellence in an Institution?

The Term Center of Excellence (COE) has been ringing in this world for quite some time now. It’s Time we actually see why and how can It be useful to an organization or not?

This generation is growing faster with the latest “Technology”. In layman’s terms, an Excellence lab set up for an Institution could do no harm but help improvise in skill and accomplishing tasks assigned. Every day is learning for every one of us. It takes Knowledge and education that help mentor skills to lead to good progress.

Stephen Jenner and Craig Kilford, in Management of Portfolios, mention COE as a coordinating function which ensures that change initiatives are delivered consistently and well, through standard processes and competent staff.

The main objective of any Institution is to achieve the execution of efficient processes that help mentor, Educate and achieve Educational goals and thus a satisfactory service delivery to students and interns. Having said that, there are many organizations that have already adopted the Center of Excellence in the institution with the primary goal to improvise the way they develop their internal process. Which has turned out pretty good proving positive results!

It could be as simple as a group of Experts from a given sector who possess a lot of value in terms of Knowledge and experience in developing and growing an organization, be it Technical Solution Architects or a business analyst. With the help of COE in an educational institution, one could overcome a better picture to showcase the ability that the Institution provides for students and interns. Thus adding more value to the Institution! With a class full of well-trained professionals who teach and talk about tech and gets you hands-on them together to improvise and give room for the latest technology to show what could be reaped out of it. That makes a difference. Working Smart is more of a priority than working hard.

Research suggests that when an average performing organization moves to the top-quartile of performance, the result in profits increase by 3-4 percent of revenue. The term “PROCESS” is one of the four pillars of a high performing organization. With that being a Keynote for setting up a COE there could be much more value-added to the institution or an organization.

There are many quantitative/qualitative benefits that can be achieved from a COE Set-Up:

• Establish visibility and focus in an Organization.

• Eliminate Risks that could affect growth.

• Flexibility in the Institution.

• Monitor Costs and much more.

Having everything monitored and students and faculties mentored according to what the prime goal to be achieved by the best in business that set up the COE could help gain more than expected with the right set of hands and Technology today. Hence Center of Excellence could be of great value on the influence it has been making over various organizations.

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