Procure-To-Pay Process on Blockchain
Ever imagined a technology that ensures a new level of trust and transparency in Procure-to-Pay value chain?!
TroonDx Fully Integrated Procure-To-Pay Process on Blockchain is a disruptive technology solution for the financial sector to achieve operational efficiency in terms of speed, heightened security, secure exchange and decreased workload.

Procurement is defined as a multi-party process, but there is no efficient system in place that is equipped to handle a huge volume of data that needs assessment in day-to-day operations.

Our P2P solution on Blockchain addresses all key stakeholders in the loop with huge operational benefits.

  • Digital Procurement

  • Tax Settlement in near real-time

  • Secure Payment and information exchange

  • Verified Audit Trail

  • 3-Way Matching & Payment Visibility

  • Po, GR & Invoice Visibility

  • Gen-Z User Experience

  • High turnaround time for approvals

  • Global Spend Visibility

  • Easy Integration with existing ERP system

Adds greater value to your business by:

Identification & Authentication

Cloud-based contract repository and an integrated e-sign feature that verifies signer identity and authorization that enables quick distribution of authentication rights along the P2P chain.

E-Invoicing & Trust Automation

Paperless and error-free invoice generation with global compliance. E-Invoices are automatically generated and transferred across the system for both PO and non-PO based invoices.

Invoice Reconciliation

Our P2P Solution can automate invoice approval process without manual interruption, hold or reject invoices and alert supplier to rectify any discrepancies. It’s near 100% automated invoice reconciliation.

Purchase Order Management

Quickly spots the closest cost-effective vendor from the list thus eliminating the time incurrred in vendor search, purchase orders and goods receipts.

Proof of Delivery

Logistics carrier submit e-receipts that serve as a proof of delivery with a digital signature, Automatically triggers digital invoicing and payments that simplifies procurement operations

Tax Compliance & Real-time Audition

Smart contracts defined in our P2P Solutions solves all conflicts in digital Tax Invoice and digital Receipt.

Expenses, Warranty and Guarantee Claims

Claims process is revamped with the detailed traceability throughout the supply chain covering manufacturers, distributors, and sellers, delivering increased customer satisfaction.

Trade Financing

Applying for trade finance is made fast and instant, since all required documents are readily available on the system.

TroonDx Procure-To-Pay is a future-ready P2P Solution for your enterprise.

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