The Gantry to Lift & Launch your Product is built & ready! 

Motivated by the endless possibilities of Blockchain for business,

Our DLT Engineering Framework is an effort to quickly enable a Blockchain network for enterprises to compete in the fast changing business world.

Why start with a Framework?

Easy to Setup

A fully-matured Framework to kick start product development and avoid the need for building everything from scratch

Rapid Deployment

Low-code Framework built using Raft Consensus model to help deploy networks within 30 minutes

Build MVP

The ideal platform to build your Minimum Viable Product on time and on budget


Readily Consumable Solutions tailored to your custom needs

Blockchain Development Accelerator Framework

Rapid Network Deployment in any environment

Safety-critical Automated chain code generation

API generator with swagger docs (With just configuration)

Test run with us in a matter of minutes

Ready Data cleansing scripts for Hadoop/EMR frameworks

Ready Data standardization scripts for Hadoop/EMR frameworks

ML based Deduplication framework

Ready Data Visualization framework 

Key Technologies

Machine Learning & AI

Big Data Engineering


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An essential framework for all data stakeholders in an enterprise to manage, utilize and protect data

Communication Tower


An efficient sharing of infrastructure while maintaining data and communications privacy.

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