Peer to Peer Energy Trading


Access to clean, continuous and economically viable power is one of the most critical infrastructure components required for our economic growth. Thus, the existence and development of adequate infrastructure in this regard is crucial to sustaining the growth story of any economy.

OTC setup for Power Trading (AS-IS)

Inefficiencies of the OTC setup

  1. High cost for searching and matching buyers and sellers for order fulfillment

  2. Increased counterparty risk as the buyers and sellers need to trust the broker for settlements

  3. Contract creation is dependent on non-standardized bilateral agreements

  4. Increase in the inefficiencies in the process due to a lack of hyperlocal markets​

Decentralized Power Exchange Platform (To-Be)

Why is it more efficient?

  1. Securing digital transactions without any dependency on a central point of authority

  2. Automated execution of transactions using smart contract (chain codes)

  3. Increased transparency in buyer and seller agreements allowing real-time trades

  4. Creation of multiple self-sufficient hyperlocal energy markets with minimal dependency on the main grid

  5. Maintaining an immutable audit trail of each energy transaction for the purpose of

  6. accounting, bill settlement and automated dispute resolution

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