TroonDx Data Vault

A Blockchain-Enabled Data Vault Modeling for Private Enterprises, Public Corporations, and Governments to securely manage data, enable interoperability, digital identities and data-driven decision-making

TroonDx Data Vault is a Low/No-Code Blockchain platform that provides an immense flexibility of configuring your business rules to generate immediate APIs for your secure data assets.

Generates functions as API calls to save time and resources

Efficiently handles asset management, supply chain, financial services, ownership & more

Solves Identity Management and Authentication concerns

Secures communication between multiple departments and stakeholders

5 Key Components making TroonDx
Data Vault
Bulk Data Acquisition

TroonDx Data Vault  supports organization-wide batch input of data with MapReduce based batch processing

Organic Root Seeding

Storing identity verification transactions and utilizing them to review and verify the future transactions

Data Store using Data Vault

Encrypted data store with strong access control designed with the enterprise guidelines. Data vault uses channel to ensure confidentiality of information

User Management for Access & Authorization

Strong authorization with 3 levels of data security – Network, Organization, Department.

Insights with Live Streaming Analytics

Near real time analytics using Spark

Features of TroonDx Data Vault

Multi-level security and


3+ levels of security layers to ensure the underlying data is completely secure.

BI Dashboard



Visualize your reports

and data using





Generated with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science

Decentralized Identity & Easy Seeding on Blockchain

Passwordless signon,

Easy and Convenient seeding/verification

De-Duplication & Interlink b/w departments

Blockchain Ledger prohibits multiple entry of a single data from multiple departments




Works on a Blockchain based Majority Consensus to validate the authenticity of user data

Chatbot based suggestions and Collaborative actions

Live event triggers to take immediate action and also obtain suggestive measures

Data Assets + Transaction


Combination of Assets and its associated transactions enables smart insights and action

Interlink between departments with dynamic updation

Dynamic updation of data between departments, with the use of smart contracts

The “PES-FSI” Approach

Privacy Enabled Secure Flow of Smart Information

Simply the best team to work with, their creativity and ability to customize solutions based on client's requirement is truly fabulous.

This is a data model exclusively architected to meet the needs of today’s enterprise data warehouses. 
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