TroonDx Insights

An analytical platform that helps ingest, de-duplicate, store, build OLAP cubes and explore your golden data records

TroonDx Insights is a first-of-its-kind Analytics tool that helps businesses unlock the true potential of data inside the system highly critical for business

It helps you ingest your data into a distributed ecosystem, uses efficient ML algorithms to de-duplicate and explore output from the system. It contains all the necessary components to set up and scale a distributed environment within hours!

How it Works

TroonDx Insights works like any other data engineering platform but tries to solve the problem of data duplication across source databases. The cleansed datasets can then be inserted into a Blockchain environment or other big data tools for further processing. The below flowchart explains the working of the solution.

High-level Layout of TroonDx Insights

Push your data into TroonDx Insights and extract actionable insights for making decisions smarter and faster.

Key Components

Every component is designed to dig deep into the huge data set and reveal insights that really matters to your business.

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