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TroonDx Insights

Collects and Combines valuable data from multiple systems across your enterprise and builds intelligence to produce actionable insights for smart decision-making.

The age of “real-time” predictive analytics is here but we believe the current state of predictive analytics is not perfect.

A predictive analytics system primarily focuses on making predictions about an outcome and hence, every single data/transaction occurring within the system must be only real and verified values to produce actionable insights for the business owners that guarantees support for the business growth.

TroonDx Insights is a first-of-its-kind Analytics tool that helps businesses unlock the true potential of data inside the system highly critical for business success by embracing Blockchain technology.

How it Works

A scalable blockchain-based Intelligence platform that has employed innovative methods for tackling data and insight related challenges faced by blockchain networks and stand along analytical frameworks.

 Aggregate the data from source to obtain collective intelligence

Convert Combined Data into Accurate Actionable Insights

Enable Collaboration to perform the necessary actions

High-level Layout of TroonDx Insights

Push your data into TroonDx Insights and extract actionable insights for making decisions smarter and faster.

Key Components

Every component is designed to dig deep into the huge data set and reveal insights that really matters to your business.

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